Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Giveaway and Review: 'Women Living Well'

 As a mom and wife, life sometimes gets mundane with dishes, laundry and cooking that comes day in and day out. I often find myself just going through the motions. Don’t you?

I wanted to read the new book Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph because, well, I like her blog! I have enjoyed reading her postings on and The Lord has used her words to speak His wisdom and teachings to me so many times.  Especially her free e-book,  The Proverbs 31 Woman One Virtue At a Time; I have absolutely loved that! So I had the wonderful idea to write a book review for my own blog. Small problem… I have no idea how to write one.  I mean what else is there to say besides: 'I really enjoyed the book and yes, of course, I would recommend it…’ So thanks for bearing with me. But I do have some awesome news: I’m giving away one free copy of Women Living Well! (Hint: keep reading to find out how.)
Daily I should be striving to be a God fearing woman who is a helper to my husband, who shows my children how to walk a Christ-filled life and who provides a welcoming home for my family. But the truth is...Sometimes I’m-Just-Plum-Worn-Out!

 Courtney shares tips and real life stories that made me laugh out loud. And think 'Yes, now that is real life.' Her book is set up covering being a wife, mother and our household duties. Inside each chapter are mini sections, making it ideal for this busy mom to read a snippet here and there between stirring dinner or waiting in the van for my child to arrive.
  ‘Self-improvement’ books usually are not my favorite reads. They tend to be decent until about half way through, then they start losing me. However, Women Living Well kept my attention and most importantly it didn’t repeat the same information over and over. I read the book with a pencil in hand, underling and circling important words that I wanted to remember and nearly writing ‘LOL!’ on every other page.  She provided helpful lists on how to improve in our daily tasks, gave me a ten day challenge to enrich my marriage and showed scriptures of God’s truths.

  She asked me to evaluate my walk with God, my marriage, my children and my homemaking. Courtney gives encouraging words to us women, things we often know but need reminding at times.
Here are some of Courtney's words from her book that have touched me: “I’m sure you have felt the exhaustion, fatigue, and the drain on your emotional and spiritual life as you balance being a wife, mother, and everything else you have to do.”
“God has used marriage, parenting, and homemaking to show me my ugly sin and to sanctify me. That is the process we face; sanctification, or becoming more like Christ. On my own, I am feeble at best.”
“Let’s aim to not be distracted and distant, but always there for our loved ones with a hug, a smile, a warm meal, clean sheets, and some lines in the rugs from our vacuum. It is one way we can show, without words, our love to our families.”

Courtney also has a chapter by chapter companion study guide to Women Living Well and it's free! Her book along with the free study guide would make an excellent devotional and simple bible study. I encourage you to check them both out! And see if God will use them to enrich your life, as it has mine.

Don't forget: You can win a free copy of Courtney's book!

Click on the link below and follow the directions to enter a chance to win a copy of Women Living Well.

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet review!!! Sorry I didn't say it sooner but I'm just seeing it now. I appreciate it and pray that God continues to bless your walk with the King!
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