Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Worthy Wednesday: Harvest

It all starts tonight.
Or rather, restarts. 

Our church's wednesday night youth program begins once again  
and will run throughout the school year.

Kids are bussed in. 
There's songs, snacks, smiles, 
and hopefully...
a whole lot of learning about Jesus going on.

We play some basketball.
Give hugs.
Watch little eyes fill with tears as they share how Mommy and Daddy aren't living together anymore.
Encourage prayers, even when it's about a scratch on their second cousin's left elbow that more than likely healed about a year ago.
Do a few cartwheels.
Help them locate each scripture.
Repeat the same verse over and over in hopes that they may know it and apply it.
Open the Bible and teach the Truth.
Tell them that Jesus loves them.

To be honest when I get home...I'm tired.
And sometimes I think about stopping, because (enter any excuse here).
Somehow by the next week, I'm ready for more.

Where we live in Indiana, cornfields are a common sight. 
And soybeans fields.
And wheatfields.
Crops in general are everywhere!
Come harvest time, it's amazing how much one farmer and one combine can get done in a day.

I'm just one.
You're just one.
But together we're two.
Just think about what we can get done together.

My 'field' is in a small church, in a small town, with a small group of kids. 
And it will continue to be the place I 'work'--even when I'm tired. Even when I'm busy. Even when...until the Lord tells me where to go next. Because I have some Good News, and the world needs to hear it.

What field(s) is He calling you to harvest?

with love and prayers,
Megan Besing
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
Proverbs 3:5 NIV 

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