Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hurry Up and WAIT!

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, up-up.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, up-up.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, up-up.


Hurry up and WAIT!
 Based on my life’s actions this must be my theme song.

I rush, rush, rush to get to a desired point in my life. I run around with my head cut off just to reach the starting line out of breathe and my hair all array.  Why? So I can arrive early to wait.

For example:

I couldn’t wait to get out of high school….I was so ready to find the love of my life and get married.

Army Life, oh my goodness I’ve never lived through so much hurry up and wait. It really should be the military’s motto. My soldier rushed to get training completed, and had to report early just to stand in formation for hours. Yes, seriously, hours. I wished months off my life in anticipation of bringing my loved one home from deployments. I couldn’t wait until my husband’s military career was finished to move back home and be near our families.

Then we adopted. We hustled paper work while we juggled questions of when we’d receive news of our new child. We hurried, and we waited….tons of waiting.

As my children passed through the different stages of growing, I often caught myself yearning for their next step. Who doesn’t want to get to the point where their infant will sleep all night? How many more packages of diapers will I have to buy! But if I want the diapers gone, then that sweet two year old grin is also gone.

Three years of my spouse going back to school. We were beyond ready for this world’s so called ‘normal’ life to arrive. One that didn’t involve a tight income and living in our parent’s basement.

And here I am again…waiting. Sitting here wishing I was a published author. I wrote a book, I sacrificed precious sleep to research, complete queries, and revise my novel. I’m in a hurry to get to the next phase of my life: a deal with a literary agent.

But there’s a problem.
Time is not mine to control!
In fact I cannot hurry up anything. Trust me I’ve tried!
Do you suffer from hurry-up-and-wait-syndrome too?
If I had to guess, I would say I was in shared company.
Life is precious.
To be content is a full time job.
 Contentment should be an action verb.

However, there is one phase of my life that I should be anxious about getting too.  But you see, it is often pushed to the back corner, clouded by these so called important things.
Heaven! This life is nothing compared to what is yet to come. I should be in a hurry to get to the real happily-ever-after. Like waiting for my book to sell or finding our dream home, it’s not yet time for me to see my Lord. I have to wait.

                                                          While I’m waiting for the most important time in my life,
I should be busy.  Busy spreading The Word.

Life is precious.

And Time is in His hands.

So Hurry Up!

Surrender those moments or things you’re yearning for.

Give your life to Him.


We’ve got some waiting to do!
with love and prayers,
Megan Besing
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pitch Wars

   Just because I wrote a book, does not mean it will get published. Do What? Exactly! For those of you outside the writing world, let me fill you in on some basic steps of how to get a book out and into the hands of the world.
               First sit down and write, then finish the monster you created, followed by finding an agent, editor, and publishing house, and lastly promote, promote, promote!

                Sounds easy enough, right? Sorry in advance if my smile turns sour and an evil chuckle explodes from my throat. So… No. Not so much!

                To further my novel’s career, I was on one of my many internet searches, and I came a crossed Brenda Drakes’, author of soon to be released Library Jumpers, website. She was having a contest called Pitch Wars. Entries would be pining for a spot to be chosen by a mentor for a chance to be…well mentored. Getting their novel combed over by those who have traveled this road ahead of them. Then a group of agents would read over the winners’ manuscripts.

 If I got into Pitch Wars, in non-writing world terms, I’d have a much better shot at publication. Cha-Ching. I kept reading.

To qualify you had to be unpublished…unfortunately check.  Manuscript must be finished, check.  And you had to turn in a query letter address to four out of forty-seven available mentors along with the first five pages of your novel. Then on and only on December 2nd, you’d send in your entry. Alright, sweet!

                Finding out all this information at eleven at night is not recommended! I was all pumped up on what ifs. I had to keep going. I spent way too much time looking up all the mentors and their given information. Full of yawns and tired eyes, I had finally narrowed it down. I had my four choices for who I wanted to mentor me.

                The next day, I set my sites on perfecting my query, a letter stating information about me and my book. As best as I knew how anyway. Reaching the proper amount of sucking-up and professionalism turned out to be quite an undertaking.

                Finally the day came; my little engine was busy chugging up the hill. I think I can. I think I can. I set off my entries.  This made my heart flutter as a smile hit my face. This was pretty cool…this could be it! A mentor could love me and my book. We’d go off skipping hand and hand as we go over my manuscript. Then an agent would fall head over heels with my work, and my book would live happily ever after in the published world. Everything was in perfect order, until my little engine and my ‘I think I cans,’ reached the top of the hill. I looked down and there around me where thousands of other engines. Literally, there were over one thousand and seven hundred entries.

Yes, how did you know? My tiny bubble of hope popped. I actually laughed as I sat there on top of my hill looking around at the others. There was no turning back now; you can’t just take back an entry claiming you were crazy for even thinking you might have a shot. I realized the valley below me was going to come whether I loosen my gears or not. I mean, there’s gravity and everything. What must go up must, well you know. December 11th would come whether my name was on the list of chosen mentees or not.

After catching myself stalking tweeter for #pitchwars updates, and opening my email a bazillion times to see if one of my wanted mentors had requested more information from me. The thought of not being chosen rang strong and clear. I swallowed down the thought that it could be years before my written novel enters the world, if at all. Seriously, it’s just a tiny bit discouraging.  Then my practical self-overrode my crazy alter ego, and I realized this road of writing was never guaranteed an easy or quick way to success. Huh, much like everything else in life.

Today, I’m still hoping for a coveted spot in Pitch Wars. However, if my name isn’t chosen then I’ll dust off my engine and put on a smile. After all isn’t it about the climb? Well, at least there is a song claiming such a thing. So to make me feel better, let’s pretend it is so.

 One day I’ll see you on the other side of publication.  Don’t worry you’ll know it when it happens. I’ll be the one holding a book up against my chest, with the cheesiest grin EVER! Until then, I’ve got more stories to write, and more agents to query.  I think I can. I think I can. I know I can!

For more information on Pitch Wars, Brenda Drake’s new book, and other writing information check out
with love and prayers,
Megan Besing

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review: "The Wedding Game" by Amy Mayato

    Isn’t our time precious? So when I somehow manage to carve out seconds of my day to read a whole book in less than twenty-four hours, it is pretty safe to say that the book was awesome!  Very few stories have earned this special treatment, but The Wedding Game by Amy Mayato rose to the occasion.

            From the very first paragraph she had me giggling. This caught me off guard. I thought Ms. Mayato would have big shoes to fill if she wanted to continue to make me smile. However, the author never missed a beat; she even had me laughing out loud…more than once. That is an achievement in of itself!

Ellie, a sweet girl from Arkansas, was so desperate for funds she entered a reality show for a chance to win money. The catch, she’d have to be married to the world’s biggest jerk, even his good looks couldn’t sweeten the deal. Marriage was sacred, Ellie knew that. Nevertheless, she also knew if she didn’t win the show, there’d be bigger problems; ones that would affect more than just her own personal life. Cannon, the new husband, wasn’t too thrilled about being married to a hick from a state in the middle of nowhere either. His father had gotten him into this mess, but surely Cannon could fake a marriage long enough to earn his cut.

Sarcasm oozed off the pages. My eyes were in a race to reach the next chapter; I just had to know what was going to happen next. In a romantic comedy, one can typically foresee what is going to take place, but The Wedding Game kept me on my toes. There was never a dull moment or a time where I could be caught flipping forward to see how much more I had to read to get to the next part.

The characters were so full of personality and playful banter that it was easy to form an instant connection with them. The language was very clean and the sexual content was mild. If you enjoy humor, romance, or have ever been caught watching a reality TV show, this book is for you! Overall, I would give The Wedding Game by Amy Mayato a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Ms. Mayato has earned a spot on my bookshelf,
and I'll be saving room for her next book too!
    You can find The Wedding Game on Amazon available in paperback and kindle versions.
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P.S. it would make a perfect stocking stuffer...
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with love and prayers,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Food and Sacrifice
My husband meeting his daughter for the 1st time.
There’s this day in November when my husband rubs his hands together and displays a grin similar to a child’s in a candy store. You see my husband is a veteran and to him November 11th means free food.

 About two years ago my husband had to work on a Sunday. He was going to be working somewhat near home, so in order to get to spend time together the kids and I made plans to meet Daddy after church for a quick bite.

 My husband was easy to spot in the crowded restaurant. He was the only one wearing a military uniform. No longer in the active service, we had moved far away from our old army base homes where wearing ACU’s is the norm. Here our family received mostly awkward glances and a few smiles. Near the end of our meal, a man came by our table. Thanked my husband for his sacrifice, shook his hand and handed him a gift card which more than covered our family’s meal. And it wasn't even Veteran's Day.

 It was this kind gestured of free food that still brings tears to my eyes.

The man thanked my husband for serving but this veteran’s wife would like to thank that civilian for remembering the military life is never without sacrifice! Sure, at this time, a person has their own free will to join the military. Some may say they get what they deserve for choosing the service. However, when my husband signed the dotted line many years ago we never would have imagined he’d be deployed to Iraq three different times in five short years. Would anyone choose the military life if they knew what lay ahead?

 Soldiers are humans. They have families. They have hopes and dreams. They have fears. Believe it or not going to war is typically not on the list of must do’s for the day. So why do they do it? Well, ask one. Ask the veteran with the Korean War hat you see at the grocery store or ask the young soldier proudly in his uniform at a football game. Their answers may surprise you. It might just be so you can have the rights you live out every day. Because freedoms really don’t come free, freedom comes through sacrifice.

 Today is Veteran’s Day, a time set aside to say thank you and for some to receive free food.

 From my experience from being both an active and reserve military wife the best way you can show gratitude is through prayer.

 ~Pray that bitterness would not consume the soldier miles and miles away from those they love.

~Pray that loneliness, that hits the hardest at holidays, does not destroy.

~Pray for marriages. When a soldier is deployed communication becomes more difficult, there’s shifting of home responsibilities and personalities can change a lot in a year’s time. It's hard to be together when you are always a part.

~Pray for the military ‘brats’, those little ones that are left behind.

~Pray for the veteran. He or she may be filled with haunting memories or ever healing injuries we may never know about.

 To all the active, reservist, guard members and veterans Thank You!
 To all the wives, husbands and children, who stand beside a uniform, I send a smile and a hug.
To my husband, my brother, my cousin, cousin-in-law and my grandpas, you are truly special.
 I hope you enjoy your free food today and may it be worth all your sacrifices!
 Because of the service of others I can still shout out loud:
 that Jesus scarified Himself so that we, deserving of nothing,
 can choose to believe and have life in Him!
My eternal life was gained by His sacrifice.
Thanks today and always.
with love and prayers,

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Honey, I've got some Bad News.

One afternoon a few weeks ago my husband arrived home from work.

“How was your day?”

“Well, I have some bad news…”

My heart skipped, and my mind began to race through a long imaginary list of oh no’s and what if’s. “Oh, alright…let’s hear it then.”

“You know all those winter clothes we just bought me over the weekend?”

My eyebrows lowered as I tried to process his words, “Yeah?”

“Apparently work doesn’t classify those as cold weather clothing, and we won’t be getting reimbursed for our purchases.”

I stared at him.

“Sorry,” he grumbled out.”

“Is that all?”

“Uh, yeah,” my husband observed me as if I had two heads. At the current moment, I did not.

“Honey, I think we might need to reevaluate your opinion of bad news.”

He produced a laugh, “Why’s that?”

“When I hear you say the words, ‘I have bad news’ my mind races to those three times you told me of your deployment orders. Now that was bad news! Not getting refunded for clothes is a simple… irritation.”

He pulled me in and gave me a hug and chuckled, “Maybe.”

 November is often a time that is set aside to pray for the persecuted church.  Sunday my church showed a short video about a group of Christians in Nigeria.  The video tried its best to express our fellow brothers’ and sisters’ pain and sorrow they receive simply because they were at their church worshipping Jesus.  Persecution! The bible tells us in Matthew 10:22 that we will be hated by this world because of Jesus.  We are targets!  We can each share stories of discrimination because of our belief in Christ.  But as I sat there in my church “safe” scars from my own persecutions seemed more and more like buying winters clothes—a simple irritation. 
All too often I have overlooked those that are still being martyred for Him.  I am not belittling my own or your oppression.  However, I think we might need to reevaluate our struggles.  I find comfort in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 which says “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” NIV

This week I’m going to make a point to remember that my world doesn’t revolve around me, my family or my neighbors. Instead I will pray for those that daily receive real bad news about their family members and church as they are targeted because of their faith.
 The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?
The Lord is my stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?
When the wicked advance against me to devour me,
it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall.
Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear;
though war break out against me,
even then I will be confident.
Psalms 27:1-3 NIV
with love and prayers
The winner of Woman Living Well book by Courtney Joseph is B.Gregory!
Thanks for all who entered the contest.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Review: Samantha Shannon's The Bone Season

          Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season, has been rumored to be the next J.K. Rowling. Having never read a Harry Potter book to date, I can’t provide any guidance on those reports. (Please no haters…it is on my to-read list…I did watch all the movies if that earns me any points back) I can tell you it did remind me of a darker Eragon…without the dragons of course.
          Gaining major hype on this young author’s book, here are some things to keep in mind. 1st it is important to find the glossary provided at the back of the book before you start reading. And it is highly suggested for you to find this information prior to reaching the last three chapters of the book. It will save you precious brain cells! Trust me.
          The 2nd valuable info: the map and charts at the beginning of the book will NOT be useful until you get a good portion into the story. So no matter how many times you flip from your reading to these awesome extras, they will not be very helpful until later.
          Point #3: The front informational blurb on the inside cover is ever so slightly…misleading. No, it does not lie, but has left out a key ‘player’. This book has some major things with spirits going on. And I did not get that from reading the blurb.
         The start of the book was a tad slow and a bit of an ‘informational dump’ but once I got to the forth chapter she hooked me. (Even with all those spirits…not a big fan of those kind of stories.) My favorite part of the book is the “golden strand”. I think she gave a classic foreshadowing theme a nice twist. Two thumbs! The middle does drag on for a couple chapters as the main character struggles to get what the reader has already figured out by this point.
        But I will give Ms. Shannon praise for leaving enough loops and intertwining characters for me to see this easily being created into a seven book series. She has also satisfied this reader with a complete ending while leaving me wanting to see what happens next.
        Honestly, if I would have known about all the spirits and such, I would not have started this series. And I will not be recommending this to too many CF readers. However…with that being said, I will be reading the next book in this series! I enjoyed the flow of her words, even though she did have an occasional curse word. (Yes, I prefer every book I read NOT to have such words) The sexual content is mild and the fighting content is slightly above mild. I didn’t find myself having to reread any of her sentences to see what in the world she might be saying, a major plus! Except a few times, for example if she was trying to tell me a shoe was red, she would go a little over board in trying to tell me something so simple.
        Overall I give The Bone Season: 4 out of 5 stars. And would recommend it to most readers ages 15 and up.
       This was my first fiction book review. I'd love to hear what you think...leave me a comment...please!
With love and prayers,
Megan Besing

Monday, October 28, 2013

What's for Dinner?

Do you ever make things harder than they need to be?
Some days, I think that’s my whole goal in life.
Proverbs 3:5 Photography

    For example, dinner. Since technically I’m classified as a ‘stay-at-home mom’ I should have these wonderfully fabulous made from scratch meals every night of the week, right? I mean the world thinks I sit around on my rear all day and eat bon-bons so I could at least cook a decent meal. Well on Wednesday, one of our busiest nights of the week, I held nothing back. Wait for it, we had grilled cheese sandwiches, salad and, that’s right, ramen noodles! I was getting everything out to start the “cooking” and I was thinking, ‘boy, what an awesome mom I’m being. I’m sure going for the super mom of the year award tonight.’
    Later after the events of the evening came and went, I apologized to my husband about dinner. His sweet comment, “Why?” He told me it was more than fine. I of course already knew that. But sometimes I get wrapped up in the world’s view of ‘bigger is better’ and forget that sometimes… simple can be better.
    With the dinner I fixed, the kids were able to help with the making of the grilled cheeses. They unwrapped cheese slices and buttered toast and loved it. I had less stress with the preparations and cleanup was a breeze. We got to fellowship over dinner more because no one needed reminding that supper is indeed a time to eat and not the time to stab a pea with a fork as if that is its only use. And to top it all off, my husband requested for me to send him two packages of ramen noodles for his lunch the following day.
    Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do work at it with all your heart, as if working for the Lord, and not men.” NIV. Whether it’s ramen noodles or made from scratch chicken and dumplings remember God sees our hearts and the attitude we have when making dinner.
     Do you need a simple night? Go ahead and try one out this week. Your taste buds might beg to differ but I beat they will be over shadowed by the extra time you get to spend with your family.
Bon app├ętit!
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with love and prayers,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Giveaway and Review: 'Women Living Well'

 As a mom and wife, life sometimes gets mundane with dishes, laundry and cooking that comes day in and day out. I often find myself just going through the motions. Don’t you?

I wanted to read the new book Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph because, well, I like her blog! I have enjoyed reading her postings on and The Lord has used her words to speak His wisdom and teachings to me so many times.  Especially her free e-book,  The Proverbs 31 Woman One Virtue At a Time; I have absolutely loved that! So I had the wonderful idea to write a book review for my own blog. Small problem… I have no idea how to write one.  I mean what else is there to say besides: 'I really enjoyed the book and yes, of course, I would recommend it…’ So thanks for bearing with me. But I do have some awesome news: I’m giving away one free copy of Women Living Well! (Hint: keep reading to find out how.)
Daily I should be striving to be a God fearing woman who is a helper to my husband, who shows my children how to walk a Christ-filled life and who provides a welcoming home for my family. But the truth is...Sometimes I’m-Just-Plum-Worn-Out!

 Courtney shares tips and real life stories that made me laugh out loud. And think 'Yes, now that is real life.' Her book is set up covering being a wife, mother and our household duties. Inside each chapter are mini sections, making it ideal for this busy mom to read a snippet here and there between stirring dinner or waiting in the van for my child to arrive.
  ‘Self-improvement’ books usually are not my favorite reads. They tend to be decent until about half way through, then they start losing me. However, Women Living Well kept my attention and most importantly it didn’t repeat the same information over and over. I read the book with a pencil in hand, underling and circling important words that I wanted to remember and nearly writing ‘LOL!’ on every other page.  She provided helpful lists on how to improve in our daily tasks, gave me a ten day challenge to enrich my marriage and showed scriptures of God’s truths.

  She asked me to evaluate my walk with God, my marriage, my children and my homemaking. Courtney gives encouraging words to us women, things we often know but need reminding at times.
Here are some of Courtney's words from her book that have touched me: “I’m sure you have felt the exhaustion, fatigue, and the drain on your emotional and spiritual life as you balance being a wife, mother, and everything else you have to do.”
“God has used marriage, parenting, and homemaking to show me my ugly sin and to sanctify me. That is the process we face; sanctification, or becoming more like Christ. On my own, I am feeble at best.”
“Let’s aim to not be distracted and distant, but always there for our loved ones with a hug, a smile, a warm meal, clean sheets, and some lines in the rugs from our vacuum. It is one way we can show, without words, our love to our families.”

Courtney also has a chapter by chapter companion study guide to Women Living Well and it's free! Her book along with the free study guide would make an excellent devotional and simple bible study. I encourage you to check them both out! And see if God will use them to enrich your life, as it has mine.

Don't forget: You can win a free copy of Courtney's book!

Click on the link below and follow the directions to enter a chance to win a copy of Women Living Well.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Are You Busy?

Are you busy?

 You’re laughing at me right now aren’t you?

No, perhaps the question should be, when are you not busy?

Honestly, I would love a morning where I could sleep in…Good and real sleep where there would be no early requests for chocolate milk and no refereeing between who gets to sit in the blue chair. But there’s that thing called breakfast that my family likes to do and of course the world does not stop just because I’m tired. To sleep in until eight in the morning, yes that sounds like a dream I once had.

                I need sleep! You need sleep. People need sleep. But I don’t get enough, do you? If I can’t sleep in, how do I get more? Oh right, yes there’s the go to bed earlier thing. Yeah, first of all no! I had caffeine at four in the afternoon so I could make it through the remaining part of the day and now there’s no way I could go to bed at nine. Plus I have a blue dozen things on my to-do list, my I-should-of-done-yesterday list and the list I still have to make for tomorrow.

                I’m busy, worn out and getting cranky because there’s not enough hours in my day. And there is no time for rest!

                Yesterday I finally made time to stop and sit down. I started reading Courtney Joseph’s new book Women Living Well. She’s right. The world tells us the more we have, the more we do, the more, more, more. Now that will bring us happiness. And that’s a lie! One I fall for way too often.

                She says in her book, “Do you want to be a better wife? Study your Bible. Do you want to be a better mother? Study your bible. Do you want to be a better homemaker, friend or coworker? Study your bible.” You know what? She nailed it! And I already knew that! But how am I going to add one more thing to my mile long list? If I don’t have time for God, then something’s got to go…and NO it can’t be my bible time.

                Why am I really here on this earth? Unfortunately, it’s not to be a professional shoe and purse shopper. And no one seems interested in performing a study on how long I could sleep in each morning. No really, I am here to give God glory, to be a loving and supporting wife and to be a mom who walks with Jesus so my children can grow up loving and serving Him. That is it! I don’t have to write this blog, my kids don’t have to be in fifty sporting events and yes, sometimes even good things like church activities can hinder my walk with Christ. By the way I’m not giving you an excuse out of helping and teaching at church. But I am saying pray about those things! And sometimes saying No, is the right response.

                The old saying: Take time to smell the roses. Have you lately? Join me this week as I take more time to rest and study the bible. Spend extra time in prayer. Ask Him if there is anything you need to get rid of so you can spend more time with Him.

                Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Psalm 24:4-5 niv

 God used David to pen those words so many years ago; they will be my prayer this week.

If you need rest, if you need sleep, if you need extra time, if you need… Matthew 7:7 tells us to ask!

 Pray and ask God for time and strength this week to get you through each new day.

 My God is faithful! Just remember He doesn’t always answer things the way we have it planned out in our heads.
with love and prayers

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Posts to look forward to: Recipe for Ham Gravy and The Full Book Review on Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

How my most recent toenail painting taught me to always just be myself!

A few weeks ago I was preparing for my first writer’s conference the ACFW: American Christian Fiction Writers. The night before I was running around in circles trying to get everything done, there was the typing, printing off samples and packing to say the least.  My stress level was above the norm; I am not the most practical person when there is panic involved, so of course I decided this would be the perfect time to paint my toenails! Apparently, my mind enjoyed having a billion and one things to do or perhaps procrastination had gotten the best of me.

 I borrowed my sister-in-law’s fancy new polish that promised to fade my nails from light to dark in three simple steps. Not wanting just a silver color, I painted my natural toenails bright red first for a splash of color. Believe it or not I’m actually not one that normally paints her toes. However, I was pulling out all the stops for the weekend and wanted to be perfect. HA!

After a short time, I called my red coat dry and followed step one: I painted my toenails with the first light silver color. Holding my toes as far apart as possible I stomped back to my printer to add more paper. Then step two: I painted half my nails with a darker shade. I repeated the add paper to the printer process and added unsticking my fourth left toe from its pinky partner because the wet paint had fused them together. Finally step three: I painted a fourth of the nail with the darkest glittery shade. As I waited for them to dry, I walked on my heels to my bedroom where I threw the remainder of my clothes from my bed into my gigantic suitcase.

I got a breather and took time to check out my pedicure. Not only was it not me, it looked awful! The promised perfect fade appeared cheesy and remember that splash of color I wanted? Well, yeah it was there however, it was only visible along the edges. So it looked like my toes were bleeding. I was tired and I had spent all that extra time painting them, I was keeping them that way! So I went to bed.

Do you know what sheets do to ugly toes? They sabotage them! Ok, perhaps it was the four layers of paint and the lack of drying time. Either way they ruined my dreadful pedicure. That’s what I get for trying to be fancy. I hopped out of bed and scraped off the wrinkled up paint and went to the bathroom and grabbed the nail polish remover. Guess what? I only had a teeny tiny amount in the bottle. Of course I did! So I rubbed off my hard work as well as possible. But I couldn’t get all the stupid red off my toes. Grrr! Fine! I looked in the back of the cabinet and found my trusty old dark reddish color and coated my toe nails in a few swift moves. The paint was so old I had to hold the bottle sideways to get its contents, the thick goopy stuff, to land on the brush. When finished I studied my toes. They were plain and imperfect, but it was me!

 I promised myself I would just be ME the whole weekend, no matter what. The vow worked out well.  And as an added bonus, no one the whole weekend looked at my toe nails and rolled their eyes. It’s always better to be yourself! Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.  And sometimes it’s better to be yourself in boots rather than sandals!