Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Food and Sacrifice
My husband meeting his daughter for the 1st time.
There’s this day in November when my husband rubs his hands together and displays a grin similar to a child’s in a candy store. You see my husband is a veteran and to him November 11th means free food.

 About two years ago my husband had to work on a Sunday. He was going to be working somewhat near home, so in order to get to spend time together the kids and I made plans to meet Daddy after church for a quick bite.

 My husband was easy to spot in the crowded restaurant. He was the only one wearing a military uniform. No longer in the active service, we had moved far away from our old army base homes where wearing ACU’s is the norm. Here our family received mostly awkward glances and a few smiles. Near the end of our meal, a man came by our table. Thanked my husband for his sacrifice, shook his hand and handed him a gift card which more than covered our family’s meal. And it wasn't even Veteran's Day.

 It was this kind gestured of free food that still brings tears to my eyes.

The man thanked my husband for serving but this veteran’s wife would like to thank that civilian for remembering the military life is never without sacrifice! Sure, at this time, a person has their own free will to join the military. Some may say they get what they deserve for choosing the service. However, when my husband signed the dotted line many years ago we never would have imagined he’d be deployed to Iraq three different times in five short years. Would anyone choose the military life if they knew what lay ahead?

 Soldiers are humans. They have families. They have hopes and dreams. They have fears. Believe it or not going to war is typically not on the list of must do’s for the day. So why do they do it? Well, ask one. Ask the veteran with the Korean War hat you see at the grocery store or ask the young soldier proudly in his uniform at a football game. Their answers may surprise you. It might just be so you can have the rights you live out every day. Because freedoms really don’t come free, freedom comes through sacrifice.

 Today is Veteran’s Day, a time set aside to say thank you and for some to receive free food.

 From my experience from being both an active and reserve military wife the best way you can show gratitude is through prayer.

 ~Pray that bitterness would not consume the soldier miles and miles away from those they love.

~Pray that loneliness, that hits the hardest at holidays, does not destroy.

~Pray for marriages. When a soldier is deployed communication becomes more difficult, there’s shifting of home responsibilities and personalities can change a lot in a year’s time. It's hard to be together when you are always a part.

~Pray for the military ‘brats’, those little ones that are left behind.

~Pray for the veteran. He or she may be filled with haunting memories or ever healing injuries we may never know about.

 To all the active, reservist, guard members and veterans Thank You!
 To all the wives, husbands and children, who stand beside a uniform, I send a smile and a hug.
To my husband, my brother, my cousin, cousin-in-law and my grandpas, you are truly special.
 I hope you enjoy your free food today and may it be worth all your sacrifices!
 Because of the service of others I can still shout out loud:
 that Jesus scarified Himself so that we, deserving of nothing,
 can choose to believe and have life in Him!
My eternal life was gained by His sacrifice.
Thanks today and always.
with love and prayers,

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